September 12, 2023 Carmen Long

2023-09-29 | 20:42:54

"It's always a pleasure having Priority One service and repair our AC units. They are great at what they do, honest and reliable."
August 28, 2023 Sthenny Lawler

Sthenny Lawler | 2023-08-27 14:54:25

"Steve helped us with the air conditioner, and provided a diagnostic immediately ,he is very professional,we are very happy with his work "
August 28, 2023 Gary Sherwold

2023-09-29 | 20:42:45

"As always, you are such a true professional! You get in and out quickly, and somehow know exactly how much time the job will take. I was amazed! You said two hours, and magically it was exactly two hours! Thank you Steve!"
August 25, 2023 Sthenny Lawler

2023-09-29 | 20:42:39

"We had an AC repair, Steve was very professional and helpful. I would recommend him"
August 19, 2023 James Baylus

2023-09-29 | 20:42:23

"Steve is the most honest and reliable AC company I’ve ever done business with. I own a business that needed 5 units repaired/replaced. After lots of troubleshooting, Steve was able to get my building cold and comfortable at an affordable price. Anyone seeing this review, wondering if this is the company to call, the answer is YES. Thank you for all of the hard work, Steve!"