October 7, 2022 Edward Wellmeyer

2022-11-04 | 16:13:58

"Steve provided Excellent air condition service and good communication with my wife and I about our system"
September 22, 2022 Trevor Schultz

2022-11-04 | 16:14:16

"Steve Rudas and the rest of the team are always on time, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I wouldn’t use any other company after using Priority One."
September 18, 2021 Travis Long

"Hottest day of the year and my AC broke... I got the name of this company from a friend and they showed up about 45 minutes after I called. They were extremely helpful and polite. Everything was up and running within an hour. I am extremely pleased with these guys. I’ll never call anyone else!"
July 29, 2021 Tom Scheidt

Property Manager/Owner

"Priority One is great. As a Property Manager for 36 rental properties we were glad to have found Priority One. They are quick to respond have had very reasonable prices for repairs, I highly recommend them. We will continue to use them as they are fantastic. "
April 9, 2021 Crystal Coronado

"I called them last year at the time I couldn’t do much so they helped get my really old a/c unit going again. This year I was able to replace the unit they were awesome !!!! They came out and got it done within a week! All new and improved !!! Thank you Steve and Tommy! You rock!"