September 18, 2021 Travis Long

"Hottest day of the year and my AC broke... I got the name of this company from a friend and they showed up about 45 minutes after I called. They were extremely helpful and polite. Everything was up and running within an hour. I am extremely pleased with these guys. I’ll never call anyone else!"
September 12, 2021 Corinne Alipio

2024-03-19 | 11:55:28

"Steve was very professional and was able to find the problem and fix it within 1 hour. Explained everything as he was repairing it. I will recommend this company to my family and friends."
September 10, 2021 Stacy Dennis

2024-03-19 | 11:55:29

"We have used priority one for nearly 10 years.. they have done everything from maintenance "
August 31, 2021 Janice Lovendahl

2024-03-19 | 11:55:29

"Friendly and professional service. I highly recommend them."
August 5, 2021 Rox Sims

2024-03-19 | 11:55:30

"Highly recommend this company for all your cooling and hvac needs. The price, service and quality were great. From estimate to install was quick and seamless."